Ray (misleduth) wrote,

thats fucked up

so there are sum people here that annoy me. they think theyre better then me and pick on me cause they think that im just a fuckin dumbass and can control me. if u think so all i gotta say to u is FUCK TO YOU! ur an asshole and stop lookin at me as inferior. its hella annoyin wen u threaten me over sumthin stupid and no one else when they do the same thing. stop bein full of urself. thats another thing i dont like. concieted people. sure i can act conceited but i always end up regreting it cause its not true and even say that im kiddin. but then there are people who think theyre the shit and they brag about it and its just annoying. yeesh i sound so angry but its just pissin me off.

on a better note. i love my filipino friends. especially my ateh and kuyas and my host for polypino weekend. and my cuzn, melinda, randy, and nick. u guys are the best
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