Ray (misleduth) wrote,

i know

i know what its like to try and help out
i know what its like to worry for a friend
i know what its like to care
i know what its like to be turned down
i know what its like when ur screwed over
cause sum1 prefers looks over personality
i know what its like to be violently pushed away
because u wanna make sum1 feel better
i know what its like to be used

sorry for trying to be a friend. sorry i worry about you. sorry i had to find out the bullshit and lies. sorry for caring. sorry for thinkin i could trust you.

ive been screwed over many times and sumthin about tonite just really made me feel bad/amgry/pissed/let down/lied to/etc...

at least i was able to look out for a few people and make sure they were safe.
even though there was no thank you, id rather be the guy to look after u and not get any recognition

thanx kuyas(edwin, anthony, christian, ryan, jimmy, demetri) and vikky and nick and everyone else i missed.
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awww those people are just stupid!!